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Pelvic Muscle Trainer (Pelvfine)



The newest innovation of Pelvic muscle trainer which is designed for the new mother after giving birth to regain the firmness of the pelvic (Pelvicfine)

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Recently there are  researches and experiments over 30 years of experienced therapists and medical expertises who are well acknowledged about nervous system mechanism controlling muscles about the mild electrical treatment in orde to search for the right electric current that will effectively increase the muscles stimulations for the highest benefits in every fields of nervous and muscles cure. 

The requirements of the product must be : 

  • Practical 
  • Versatile in terms of programs and purposes adjustment 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Portable size and user friendly 

    The Pevifine is able to adjust the levels of speed/ frequencies/ width/ length of time of the electric current as desired. Moreover, the machine is able to release the electric current within the same or different period of time. 

    Benefits of Pelvicfine for women : 

    1. Tigher pelvic 

    2. Urinary incontinence solution 

    3. Protecting and reducing the pelvic to lose and sagging 

    4. Improve a healthier relationship 

    5. Increasing the sexual arousal 

    6. Applicable for the treatment of pelvic/ vaginal prolapse, after giving birth , hernia surgery / hysterectomy 

    7.  Helps stimulating the blood flow within the pelvic area ช่

    8. Heal the conditions of after surgery if the patients' nervous system is destroyed casuing muscles fatique after giving birth 

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